I recall vividly the day i saw a sign on a magazine stand in a store on the Caribbean Island i just came back from saying, "ABSOLUTELY NO READING!!" Ha ha ha! Well, i guess what that means is, "You MUST pay before you touch this, my friend!" I really wanted to pick one up to read while i waited for my taxi until i saw the sign..ugh! BUMMER!. So you  can imagine the quick relief and excitement when i came back home to Toronto, Canada and i walked into The Bay  in Toronto to try on some sunnies while i waited for my boo to shop. I have been meaning to buy a pair of new ones lately. Hopefully soon.

It was ABSOLUTELY fun trying them on before my intended purchase.  Only that this time, i did not or should i say, i could not decide on which one to buy. Sometimes you just want to play around with try things and who knows it may just tickle your fancy. So i am calling on all of you beautiful people for some help with this if you don't mind. Will you be kind enough to tell me which one of these sunglasses is your favorite and could be a good addition to my spring collection... Or maybe none? No pressure. Thank you all!

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