Hurray! It finally warmed up yesterday. Even though it may be Mexico somewhere, it was Mexico here in the beautiful Taboo Resort, Muskoka, Ontario yesterday where we call our temp home and boy did i love it or what!! It has been in the single digits for as long as i can remember but it finally warmed up to the 20s yesterday.  I was so happy and excited about the long over due warm weather i decided to start my day by going for a much needed long walk. While some may consider that a form of exercise, i personally think it is some sort of therapy for the mind, body and soul. Try it.

Still in a celebratory mood, i decided to go for leather. The slimming effect (yep, i said it) of leggings or skinnies does a girl like me some good. I immediately fell in love with this pair of Dynamite leggings because of the flawless stretch and perfect feel of its softness on my skin. Plus the fact that it is not leather all through, makes it so perfect for a spring weather like today,  the nice comfortable teasing effect of the two different fabrics in one sometimes makes me lose all hope and strength to hold on to my not so playful/not so fun side ...oh what an interesting conversation starter this is.


                                                              I was wearing:
                                                              Top by Old Navy
                                                              Jacket by Dynamite
                                                              Pants by Dynamite
                                                              Shoes by Call It Spring

Thank you all for reading!

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