So i met this guy years ago when i had just started to understand how looking good goes a long way. There was something about him.....something i couldn't put my finger on. I saw him everywhere possible a girl like me searching would ever want to be. He had something special that interpreted to me like i was having a rush, a feeling...mmm..he made me so giddy and even sometimes he would make me laugh so hard i could almost cry. "What is going on?" I asked myself on a few occasions when i would snap back to reality. "Who is this guy? Is he stalking me? Or am i just plain outright attracted to him?!" Arrrgh! Noooo!! What do i know about love?

Sometimes i would walk into a room and before i could even spot him in a crowd, i knew he was there. "Oh no, he has taken over my sixth sense too?!! I couldn't deny the fact that i loved it. That he makes me feel so calm, so cool and so collected every time he was around me. I agree. I am in love with this majorly "Mr. Unknown" that i know so well. Meet him everyone. I present to you, Cool Water by Davidoff for men.

If a cologne does not make you feel like this, then dump him immediately! Err... I meant the cologne.This is one cologne i would recommend every woman to buy for any man in her life. It could be your dad, brother, boyfriend, best friend, friend.... and if you are a man buy it for yourself. If i have ever been so right about anything in my life, it is this. Sure it is not a new guy in town, but that is why after so many years it has been out there, people just can't get enough of it and i am one of.  It was launched in 1988 and it has been one of the top selling men's fragrance ever. Do i smell a classic? It is definitely one of a kind  and the fragrance simply is what it is- powerful, refreshing, clean and very cool.

This is so not an ad for Cool Water for men by Davidoff  and i am not getting paid to do this guys. I really just wanted to share how i feel about one of my favorite colognes out there for the boys.

Thank you all for reading and all photos were taken by me!


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