....And this has nothing to do with getting married boo. I know this may sound really silly but what if i am right? What if it works? What if the answer or solution to most issues are just in the words we speak every day. I am talking about having, owning, practicality, color and revamping a whole new closet in such a way that it looks like Gwen Stefani meets Audrey Hepburn with a little Rihanna written all over it. Fashiontastical collab!! Okay, maybe some of you may reconsider RiRi, but she can pull off anything. Come on now, that girl is like a walking muse. No? Moving on...

Some of you may already know I am in the middle of purging my wardrobe because i am making a big move (yep, relocating again). I promise to tell soon. Well, i had a hard time letting go a few little things and my pretty little blue lingerie was one of.  Time to retire that blue little piece that has put a smile on my face for a minute. How could i ever let her go when it makes me smile every time i wear it. I guess it is really true every good thing must come to an end...sometimes. I should write her a letter before i dispose.....

I decided to sit down today to start making a list of items for my wardrobe and believe it when i tell you it can get a little insane. A lot has to go into consideration when you build a new wardrobe or closet from the scratch. For me, it goes with having the following in mind:
1. Business/Formal Outfits: Hello? Who says blogging isn't fun work. It is always important to have at least one or two sets of formal outfits in your closet. Anything could come up at anytime but in as much as i love being a spontaneous shopper and person it is always good to be ready.
2. Throw back clothes for relaxation. This is the outfit no one else should ever see you wearing but it is perfect for blogging in at home or running to the grocery store after midnight for some late night cravings (I'll take a Kit Kat). They simply have to be super comfortable.
3. Casuals/Everyday outfit.These are the new normal outfits. 
4. Gym outfits.Yes, guys i love to work out some times, but i get really lazy for the most part.

I am sure you all are familiar with the Old English Rhyme:
                                                   Something old
                                                  Something new
                                               Something borrowed
                                                 Something blue
                                       And a silver sixpence in her shoe

As crazy as this may sound i realized if i applied this lovely little poem as a guideline to revamping my  wardrobe this spring and it works then maybe it wasn't composed only for a bride. You heard it here first!

Something old: Always good to have some vintage in the mix.

Something new: Anything new keeps you looking chic, fresh and so fashion forward.

I am not a fan of  "something borrowed" because it is really what it is. BORROWED. This strategy applies to what i plan to own, to wear, to do whatever i want to do with it and would be keeping without the intention of returning in thirty days.

As for the shoe part, i have learned it is always smart to invest in shoes. Good shoes are like a gold mine. They make everything else you wear look even so much better. Trust me on this one!

Wish me luck on this one guys. Who knows, soon my closet may have its own twitter page. Ha ha ha just kidding.

Thank you all for reading!


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