When i walked into Old Navy in Square One Mall, Toronto a couple of days ago to look for some casual long sleeved shirts, i found out they had a few on sale that met my needs exactly. To my surprise the price tags read, $4.95! Woohoo! I immediately picked a few and wasn't looking back. I was pleased with my purchase but i asked myself, "Is it always smart to jump on every delicious deal?" What if that item is exactly what is screams?! Seriously Cheap!! Ugh! Yeah, maybe sometimes one can't always go for every designer or expensive outfit, but personally, i believe in quality and not quantity. I am a happy customer if i get my money's worth rather than pay less for a "one-hit-outfit" or a "wash-and-can't-wear". It is sometimes a tough call but my advise is to stick with what you know best, a good brand. In this case, "More is more."

Old Navy is part of the GAP family and i shop more at GAP, but i have always trusted their products for years. I am also aware that when their clothes go on sale in the store, the reduced price is awesome and quite surprising considering how much they were selling for at first.

In the picture (sorry it is kinda blurry) is one of the Old Navy shirts i paid $5 for and in honest truth, they do not disappoint. I was leaving the hotel i was camping at for a couple of days while in Toronto before heading to my next stop.

Not to say i wear it well but sometimes, it really doesn't matter how expensive or how cheap an outfit is. It is really how well you wear it. What is your take on this?

I was wearing:
Striped Shirt/Top by Old Navy $4.95 (On Sale)
Pants by Dynamite $15.00 (On Sale)
Leather Jacket by Dynamite
Shoes (Old)

Thank you all for reading!

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