I did tell you all i was moving and i am happy to let you know obviously from my post topic that i landed in Toronto, Canada last night after a 4hours and 10 minutes flight Jamaica. I am home!! I will actually be in Toronto for just a few days. That's right, a few days before i start heading out again to my next stop....another city in Ontario, Canada.

These photos were taken in Jamaica yesterday morning, right before i left for the airport. I know what you are thinking. What is with the sweater and tights in Jamaica? (Giggling).

Since you might be a little confused about my choice of outfit in the picture considering the fact that it was in the high twenties/thirties in Jamaica. I will try to defend it:
1. I hate changing in public bathrooms.
2. The sweater is very thin and it is really comfortable.
3. The air conditioning in cars most times are often too cold for me and we had to drive an hour and a half to the airport.
4. Airplanes are often cold.
5. It was six degrees in April!! (Not fair!).

I wanted to be comfortable from the moment i left Jamaica all the way to Toronto. I needed to wear something not too warm but warm enough it needed just a jacket once i stepped out into the cold. When it comes to the cold, i am a big wimp. It was a very smooth flight and i am happy to be back. I will post my day 2 in Toronto for you all to see tomorrow so you know what i was up to around town when i ventured into the city to do a little bit of some shopping.

                                       I was wearing: Sweater By Take Out
                                                              Pants by Dynamite
                                                              Hat from Jamaica
                                                              Shoes, i don't remember (apologies)

Thank you all for reading!

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