After dying and going to shoe heaven i got spanked with the style inspirations buzzing in all the stores i walked into in Toronto. I thought about you all and how it will be nice to share the goodness of styling ideas or inspiration. Some the stores i took these photos at are BCBG, The Bay, French Connection, Zara, Dynamite and more trending colors which are of course white, black, bright colors, floral prints on pants, blazers, shorts, colorful skinnies and more.
Oh by the way, i didn't leave my men out. Definitely have something for the boys too. Hope you all enjoy viewing and hopefully get inspired.

Don't forget to name your favorites!

Thank you for reading!

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TORONTO P2: DOING IT SPRING STYLE TORONTO P2: DOING IT SPRING STYLE Reviewed by The Fashion Stir Fry on 4/14/2013 Rating: 5
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