Cupcakes and then a girl?! Double cuteness and sweetness all in one bite! Looks good and definitely tastes yummy delicious but if i could, i would. No, not expecting just gifting.

I baked those good looking bites for a friend's baby shower but who knew i was predicting my future when i poked the tops of those cupcakes with those pink little stars. Soon after she became a mom, i followed suit. I got pregnant and had a lovely little girl too. Aaah bliss!

Yes, i have been baking of and on for well over a decade now (humble bragging). This was when nobody even knew the cake business was going to become a life changing career for many today. I loved it so much because it helped me tap into my creative side yet again and i rediscovered my passion for art and decorating. Of course soon enough the financial part of it was also comforting and encouraging.

At the time i started, i was in college. I was the only student on campus with her own one man cake business running to class with a box of cake in one hand and a folder in the other. What was i thinking?! I was driven by passion and the entrepreneurship spirit in me won't give up. Business was booming, life was good and i graduated.

When i say, of and on, it is because i have moved quite a bit since i graduated from university. Making it a liiiiittle challenging to find a permanent home for my little creative work in this world of cake art just like fashion is art. Yes, i call "cupcaking" art because of its originality and need to think on your toes immediately when it comes to decorating. I never liked doing the same decorations more than a couple of times except if the clients specifically asked me to. I loved the rush, the satisfaction and the priceless look on my clients' faces when they saw and tasted their cakes. Especially the brides...

My favorite clients were those who never even met me nor tasted my cakes, not even seen photos of my work but yet they ordered..... via email. I know, i know, but from my perspective...How cool is that? It must be faith...maybe. It always felt like a mission very possible and there was just no way i was going to mess this up. Loved the thrill. To top it all, they would then ask me to deliver to a certain address where the event i guess is taking place at. "What?I still do not get to meet my client?" I am handed an envelope by "someone" assigned to collect "IT" and say, "Thank you!"  Ha, ha, ha. Love this kind of jobs. Mystery.

Seeing these photos, bring back sweet memories, nostalgic feelings and now it has inspired me in so many ways. Especially creatively. It makes me realize sometimes when you feel a little lost in your work and maybe you can't seem to find something new, dig deep literally into the old stuff you did. Revisit the first times, moments, places it all started and hope for a come back.

Once i heard someone say,  "Everybody Is Definitely Good At Something. Finding What It Is,  Is What Matters".

What do you think you are good at but afraid of failing in? What keeps holding you back from your dreams? Where do you find inspiration? What is your dream?
I would really like to hear your stories too.

Hope you all have a great weekend and thank you for reading.

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