If you have never been to Toronto during summer time then you need to add it to your bucket list. Or Canada period. I took that picture one summer in Toronto before i even ever thought about blogging. I enjoy capturing moments, people and events with my camera because things translate to me creatively via photography. This was taken during one of the very many summer events that go on in Toronto yearly where you find yourself wandering around in the heat staring in awe how so daringly creative people get with style. Streetstyle. Sorry, what was that you just asked? Sure, of course i will be nice enough to bring you some of the fun in Toronto Canada through my blog. Isn't that what a blog should be about? No?

Short story:

I have been so fascinated about Canada and Canadians ever since i moved here a couple of years ago. I had never been to visit before my move and knew very little about the country.  On getting here, i was not really sure what to expect but as usual i kept a very open mind. Maybe even a lot more open than usual because this was going to be my new hometown and maybe just a subconscious need to want to love it so badly for longtime sake. To cut the long story short, may i just say, this beautiful country with the very many beautiful people have got me asking for more.

From my unbiased perspective, there is that European vibe meets American style with a dose of Canadian subtlety and cute mannerisms that make you love Canada and Canadians. Toronto, on the other hand, where diversity is one of its core beauty thereby opening doors to a crazy mix of anything just like streetstyle and food would (for me because i love both just as much) has fantastic character.

I have decided to take you inside the fashion core of Canada. Hopefully show you more of the fashion scene and definitely a whole lot of street style here in Canada and the world beyond. Sure, i won't be the first to feature street style on a blog. So not new! (Duh). My question though, is, what is streetstyle to you? How do you compare it from cities to cities, country to country and how does it inspire you?

My only fear is, during summer time (all over the world), everyone will be happy to walk around wearing just bikinis and "dare to wear outfits" that barely cover anything. Oh and it is because of the obvious reason (hey their excuse not mine). Interestingly enough, i believe the weather influences one's freedom to express creatively especially when it comes to styling. My plan is to explore, hopefully catch every single bit of it on camera and share it with you all..... my way!

Thank you all for reading!

Photo taken by me.

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