In my previous post,  i paired this awesome pair of Dynamite leggings with "a guy's guy" pin striped blue collared shirt and asked you all if i should have just stayed on my side of the closet and probably ditched the "man chic" look. So i decided to pair it with a lovely sweater i had picked up upon my arrival into the yet so indecisive weather of late.

Besides the fact that the sweater is so soft and warm i couldn't deny my closet a good looking birdie shade of blue for some soft splash of color in spring. It wouldn't hurt to get a wee bit crazy with colors while still slowly building my closet all over again. Don't you think?

Which one of these looks would you rather?  This Katsumi Sweater or the Men's Dress Shirt over the leggings?


                                                   I was wearing SWEATER: KATSUMI via WINNERS STORE
                                                                         SKINNY PANTS: DYNAMITE
                                                                         HAT: BLUENOTES

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HOOT HOOT: KATSUMI SWEATER HOOT HOOT: KATSUMI SWEATER Reviewed by The Fashion Stir Fry on 5/29/2013 Rating: 5
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