If i could write a love song it would definitely not be a hit song. It won't even make it to top 1000 so i won't even bother. I know it would be in summer, about summer, like summer every summer because i love summer and it is my favorite time of the year. Yeesss! It is officially summer and i want to wish every single one of you a fun-fantastic summer this year! Make it sweet, colorful, fun, special and make it last.

If you are single this summer, travel more, date more and have fun doing it. Embrace singlehood and love yourself more. Love will come but sometimes you need to get up, go out and work for it.

If you are with a partner, lover or someone special, spend more time together, talk more together, date more together, laugh a little longer....together.

Remember to enter for the GIVE AWAY which is still on to win a $25 MASTER CARD Gift card. This is my little way of showing gratitude to all my readers and followers.
Thank you all so so much for your support. Please read and follow the instructions below to enter:
1. Like My Facebook Page (if you already haven't) and make sure to leave your name (that you registered with).
2. Leave comment on blog post below briefly explaining how you would like to spend it. Remember to  include your name (that you registered with) and email address.

Have a great summer weekend everyone and thank you all!

                                                          HAT: ARDENE
                                                          TOP: ARDENE
                                                          SHORTS: BLUENOTES
                                                          FLATS: MOSSIMO FOR TARGET
                                                          EARRINGS & BANGLES: TARGET

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