The weather is not the only thing  HOT during summer. Really? You ask? One word, SUNNIES! Because as cheesy as this may sound, it is an obvious truth that everything looks ten times better when you throw on a pair of sunnies (I actually meant you ;)..... and of course everything else around you).

Hotter than ever this summer, is WARBY PARKER!!!

Just in time for summer vacays and lots of road trips, Warby Parker, a designer eyewear company, and i quote, "That was founded with a  rebellious spirit and a lofty objective".... (More on that here) launched a new collection today called The Meridian Collection.  An eyewear company known for its vintage inspired glasses with a contemporary twist is an exceptional company with a beautiful story. If you already love their glasses you will come to love their story aaand their glasses even more. The Meridian Collection which was launched today is simply AH-MAZING! They launched three new frames named, Exley, Raskin and Flannery which  are teardrop-shaped and fashioned from Japanese ion-plated titanium. These sunglasses were named after some of their disruptive favorite writers- Federick Exley, Ellen Raskin, Flannery O'Connor. They are available in Jet Silver and Polished Gold. 
Seriously, how cool is that?


Summer is here! Come on dolls, run away with me!! Yep, it is that time of the year again for fun road trips, sunny vacays and wicked sunglasses. As you all know from my previous posts, i love me some sunnies, i love to travel and road trips are up my alley. I wear them not only to protect my eyes from the sun, but more so for a chic classy look. They are just that fashionable. Regardless of what you are wearing, sunnies always make you look tres chic which i am sure you already know.

Why Warby Parker?

First of all, I personally love aviator sunglasses and to know a good pair is to know it has a classy clean cut with polished finish, shaped to fit every face. The Meridian Collection has all of that and more. One thing i have learnt in past years is to always invest not only in shoes but a handful of accessories. A brilliant pair of sunglasses or a even a couple is one of them. You can never go wrong.

Secondly, behind every successful company with high intellect and great skill in creative endeavors, there is always a good story. May i ask, "Have you picked out your sunnies for this summer yet?" Well, get inspired by all their awesome collections  and while at it, i recommend you read about their story to DO GOOD. Then, will you understand why for every pair of  glasses they sell, they provide one to someone in need.
That is honestly a beautiful thing. Don't we always love a company that gives back? How truly inspiring. For more on Warby Parker visit their website: http://ca.warbyparker.com/

EXLEY JET SILVER AND POLISHED GOLD: The charm lies in its shape.

FLANNERY JET SILVER AND POLISHED GOLD: Want to play hooky? This pair gives you a graceful and dignified appearance.

RASKIN SILVER AND POLISHED GOLD: Run away with me! Perfect for a flawless look during road trips and off road escapades.

In as much as i love every single one of these sunglasses, my favorite is the Raskin Jet Silver and Polished Gold because it is has that sharp rebellious too-cool-for-school look to it. Ha ha ha....i love that! So which one of these guys is your favorite?

Thank you all for reading! Now your comment.


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