Street cars, subways, malls, Starbucks, Yonge and Bloor i miss you darling Toronto!! In all the goodness and pleasure of living in a beautiful city like Toronto i can still say moving away (for now ;)) is part of life and a learning process for me. I have always enjoyed living in cities anywhere in the world. What can i say? I love the rush, accessibility, the countless number of fun crazy things you can do, the lights never go out and the city buzz is my high.

As fate would have it, due to the field of work William is in, we have had to relocate to Jamaica and now back to Canada. To be precise, Gravenhurst. It may be a far cry from what Toronto is but there is always something about small towns.... Diners! (Love "hole in the wall "diners/restaurants and breakfast food anytime of the day). But most of all, there is always that sense of warmth and a feel of "easy does it" kinda vibe. I like that a lot. Seeee, i like to be laid back some times :).

Gravenhurst, a cute little small town and often called the cottage country is about an hour and a half to 2 hours drive to Toronto (Check!!). Coming down, i was a little nervous not knowing much about the place but i couldn't be happier to be here with my loved ones.

So yesterday after we finally moved into our new place and completely settled, i decided to take a breather and take in the air around me. Sometimes in order to make a transition easy, you go head on with a very open and optimistic mind. Just another episode in my life and excited to see how it goes.

                                                          SHIRT: BLUENOTES
                                                          SHORTS: BLUENOTES
                                                          HAT: BLUENOTES
                                                          SHOES: MOSSIMO via TARGET

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