Isn't it crazy how your skin can sometimes fluctuate with the change in weather or even the economy? Mine not only does that, it also changes with what part of the world i am in. Yeah my skin is just that indecisive. Believe it or not, it bothers me. You too?

Winter is an intense weather and the dry air is brutal on your skin. Period.  So also, when the economy fails you , things become stressful which can sometimes annoy any skin issues you might already be battling with. Did you just whisper acne? Absolutely! This is that phase in your everyday life you buy a bucket full of creams to keep your skin healthy, maybe soft, properly moisturized and definitely alive. But then what happens after the dry season, winter, spring?

Summer is here lovelies and it is that time to bare your skin if you dare to. It is time to show off those pretty feet in the cutest sandals or slip-ons, showing off your toned arms, your pretty manicured nails, bare backs and lovely legs but without destroying your beautiful layered skin.

Starting last fall, i took it upon myself since i was traveling back and forth from Jamaica to Toronto, Canada to protect my skin once and for all as i switched from one extreme weather to another. When i was in Jamaica, my skin broke out into all sorts...but when i was in Toronto, i was fine no matter what cream i used. Yes, i prefer creams to lotions. Most lotions are water based therefore leaving your skin dry and in my case, very ashy too. Anyway i decided to walk through the aisles in the drug store in Toronto without anyone's help or reading any reviews to find a moisturizer that would keep my skin looking healthy with a subtle glow, younger looking and at the same time protect it from any kind of weather. I saw the Cetaphil Daily Facial Moisturizer and immediately pulled it off the shelf to read the box. It seemed to have all that i was looking for but it said, "lotion" at the very bottom in tiny liiitle letters. Ugh, naah....but i reeeally wanted to try it because i was completely sold at  moisturizer, non-greasy, non-comedogenic, fragrance-free, non-irritating, SPF.

Doing it!!

I applied it daily and i noticed a difference instantly. All i needed was a teeny tiiny bit on my palm and rubbed it into my face, neck and ears which interestingly goes a long way. You immediately see a difference on your face. It suddenly looks fuller but in a glowingly healthy kind of way. Very smooth, truly non-greasy, easy to rub in and blend into your skin quickly. Now the best part is, when i apply my powder/makeup, it blends in so well into my skin without blotches or smudge!!! As long as you don't apply a lot of the lotion on your face because it would leave a weird whitish smear all over it.... then you are good and the tone of your makeup is not affected one bit. Did i hear you say, secret foundation? Hmm...

I have continued to use Cetaphil Facial Daily Moisturizer with UVA/UVB defense ever since then and i plan to do just that until i can no longer squeeze any more drop of lotion out of that tube. Ha ha ha. Besides it being one of my coolest beauty product discoveries in a minute, i found out just how really important it is to keep your skin protected and nurtured no matter where you are or what the weather says. It is okay to always put a shine on your pretty face!!

Really what do you think? Or am i wrong?

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