Today, i want to share a little something with you all. In case you haven't noticed, my body is a parking lot for scars, marks, cracks and scratches. Growing up, i played hard and was even nicknamed a tomboy. Yes, it was so much fun running around, jumping or climbing anything that couldn't say the word, "NO!!" to me. I may not have broken a bone but i sure have broken a few things. It felt great and it was definitely awesome then but now i am paying for it.

For many years i avoided fixing a physical issue i got from an accident a couple of years before my tenth birthday and it was 100% my fault. It was all in the name of fun. I never wanted to fix it because i thought it would take away the real me or even a part of me. I was fine with it because i loved my little flaw so much. After so many years of living with it, it became my identity...sort of-ish. Although i was offered several opportunities in the past to fix it, i refused. Ha ha ha i guess it must have been a trend then. Geesh!

So why now?  Slowly but surely, it was starting to become a thing of the past and it was time to move on. It was starting to limit me and i thought that was silly. Now the kid in me is all grown up, ready to meet and greet the world.

What the heck is it? I want to tell you, but if i reveal everything now it won't be fun when i show you "The After Result" in the next post. Kindly excuse my silly efforts to make this less dramatic ;). Riiight :)

Hint: It is really a teeny tiny issue but i think i may have just made it a big deal.

Tomorrow is the D-day and i am happy and super excited!! Hopefully you all will be here to join me in revealing celebrating.....

I may still be the only female wearing bell bottom pants in 2013 and a baby tee but some things are just so hard to let go.

Thank you all for your support! Now your comments


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