Call me crazy, but i may be the only one who knows what is underneath my blazer....until...

Until what?!!

Yeah until you are forced to take it off. Off?! For who or rather, for what?

Ha ha ha. Every time, i get dressed everyday, i always think, "What if the need arises where i may have to literally give someone the shirt/jacket off my back?". Anybody and that includes a total stranger. Which i will do in a heart beat of course but err... what about what i am wearing under? Am i safe? Is it exposé worthy?

Secondly, i can be very spontaneous and my friends are fun. Every single one of from childhood 'til today. A few times in the past, i have had to meet up with friends for dinner just out of the blues or while out-n-about and i always want to be chic ready especially if those friends are stylish. Love my friends. I miss you guys!

Lastly, during summer, why do so many buildings, subways/trains, restaurants and offices have their A/C on "freeze-me-to-death"?!! I always have a blazer in my car or my bag everywhere i go all the time just in case. At least while switching back and forth between my blazer or no blazer situation, i want to make sure either way, i can still look a little stylish.

The black intimate worn as a sleeveless top is what has inspired my outfit today because no matter what the situation is, she's got me- CHIC READY. Besides, shorts this season have gone bonkers and are worn so fashionably it excites me. From lace to crochet, boxer-like shorts to sporty shorts, satin shorts to denim and even pajamas shorts. Crazy, daring and i love it.

Thank you all for reading! Now your comments.

              ORANGE JACKET: MATTY M
              BLACK INTIMATE WORN AS A SLEEVELESS TOP: F.I.T (Figure Improving Technology)
              SHORTS: LOVE | TREE
              SHOES: CHARLES DAVID


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