Spring Trend: Graphic Print Sweatshirt and Skater Skirt
Wake up call this morning was a reminder that fall is soon approaching. Chilly mornings even into the noon and chilly evenings have been a little common in the past few days. I would really love a long summer but it is undeniable how cool fall outfits can be. Take sweatshirts for instance. As laid back, sporty and leisurewear as it might be, it is definitely going to be a staple in almost everyone's wardrobe come fall.

But how do you plan to wear yours?

I thought why not throw this cool sweatshirt with leather stripes on the sleeves and neckline over a leather skater skirt because for some reason anyway, sweatshirts and skater skirts have one thing in common- FUN & FLIRTY. Okay maybe two.

The beauty of taking advantage of a dark outfit is wearing a loud or bright and contrasting color with it. Red was no brainer with this outfit especially incorporating it a subtle but most obvious ways- Sunglasses, eyeshadow, lipstick, earrings and nail polish.

Do you agree sometimes when  a girl asks a guy for his sweatshirt, it is because she is cold... Okay, the truth...hahaha....she is crushing. (Awwh..always too cute).

The skater skirt happens to have its own personality. Loved how freely it moved that i really couldn't help but spin every time i had the opportunity to. I just had so much fun with it.

Finally, you have just reached the highest level of cool when you push up the sleeves of your sweatshirt. Just something about sweatshirts that i and maybe you, tend to do and in all stylish honesty, it sure works.

Thank you all for reading. Now your comments.

Spring Trend: Graphic Print Sweatshirt and Skater Skirt
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