I am sure you have all heard this many times: "To whom much is given, much is expected."

Where are my going with this?

Give a woman a piece of paper to wear and she would style it and make it look like it is worth a million dollar. Give a man a piece of paper to create a woman's outfit out of it and he would design and create something that would put every woman in Hollywood on his waiting list.

Okay, fine, maybe a little exaggerated but you get what i mean. Right? No?

Denims, have been in existence for as long as we can all remember and that is a long time. There have been the marble wash, the stone wash, acid wash and more. They may have been designed in so many repeated ways and restyled over and over again to keep us interested, but what keeps them around is the versatility. They are easy to wear and style for almost any occasion. Probably mostly to women's advantage. For instance, most events, restaurants, bars or clubs these days may not allow men to come dressed in jeans, but women can.

Meanwhile, some people may not go near denim or jeans just because.... Well, i do love them. I love that it can be dressed up and dressed down depending on the occasion. I love that even when wearing denim on denim, it is okay to have fun with it and hopefully not seem over done.

On a beautiful Saturday afternoon with the streets buzzing with hundreds of happy summer loving faces and vendors attending one of the biggest events in town, The Muskoka Boat Show. I decided to attend the show myself in this outfit (Unfortunately, i couldn't get into the main, main event area so i played around and that was just enough for me). I decided to pair a simple denim shirt with the busy studded shorts to tone it down just a liiitle bit. A couple of little details on the shirt that i really love is the double breast pockets and the threading. The threading on the denim shirt inspired the choice of shoes because they are both the same color. So why not.... I can't seem to get enough of these denim shorts. I love the detailing of the studs in front and on the back pockets- Perfection!

One little tip. If you are not so sure of your outfit, just remember one thing: The shoes will always make the outfit- A simple pair of heels always works.

Would you ever consider wearing denim on denim? Too think?

Hope you all are having a great summer weekend.

Thank you for reading :)! Now your comments.

                                                                            SHIRT: PARASUCO
                                                                            SHORTS: BOOM BOOM
                                                                            HEELS: CHARLES DAVID
                                                                            BANGLES: H&M
                                                                            CROSS-BODY PURSE: GUESS


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