If there is a place on earth i don't really go as often as i should, and wouldn't hurt anybody if i did, but would be my own personal gain if anything at all, is, the farmer's market. Three things come to mind when it comes to going to a farmer's market- 1. Food 2. People Watching 3. DIY inspiration.

I am so not a DIY princess but i am pretty creative with my hands and would not fight being inspired. I just let laziness get the best of me. Maybe some day, one day....

I went to the farmer's market in my area, Gravenhurst yesterday and apparently it was voted #1 in Ontario. I am not one to dispute that because i don't go often enough to any but it was worth checking out why. Right?

I decided to keep my outfit very simple and light for this lovely boiling hot day.


Seriously, spotting a skirt that rich in floral prints, color and enough pockets to keep my hands free while i shop was a hard one to resist. You may not catch me in a lot of skirts especially a high waist one but i never restrict myself to just certain outfits. I love to push my style to see if i may come out a "beautiful mess" or a ney.  Either way, i give myself an A for effort. Wearing it with a white sleeveless top was most ideal for the weather and to help compliment the red and cute little multi-colored flowers splashed all over it. The flats which have become "the new black" in my closet this summer, worked even better with it, my mood and a walkabout-ready kinda day.

Thank you all for reading. Now your comments.

Everyone in town seemed to be heading there

Hello?! Yum! 

Mmmmm...berries, but look at the size of those things.

Radish, corn, celery, carrots and sweet corn.

Apricot amaretto in a jar definitely sounds like a yummy in a jar. Naaah...didn't try any.

Nice little boy played some fine tunes. Asked if i could and so i did. 

Just another shopper like me...but her shopping bag is better than mine.

                                                    Who doesn't love fresh food on wheels.

                                                             SLEEVELESS TOP: PARASUCO
                                                             FLORAL PRINT DENIM SKIRT: MOTEL ROCKS
                                                             FLATS: ROCKET DOG
                                                             BANGLES: H&M


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