I was really contemplating on whether to post these photos here on my blog or just on instagram alone. I wasn't too thrilled about the way the shorts looked on me in these photos. Ha ha ha.


1. Loved the shorts so much i bought the red because of its rich color even though i knew it was one size too big.

2. On top of the fact that i knew it wasn't my perfect size, i decided this time, to wear a belt that was too big and too heavy for the shorts. Therefore, weighing it way down on the waistline rather than resting on the waist or cinching it. Ugh. Ha ha ha.

Why am i posting this if i am not too crazy about the look of the shorts? You ask?

Because: I am a blogger. I am human. I am a Virgo. Hopefully somebody else can relate. I had fun at one of the many summer events going on in town it won't hurt to share that part with my readers. Regardless of how awkward i look in these shorts here,  i still love these colors on the outfit. Very casually dressed in a colorful striped tee and a pair of red shorts just comfortable enough to enjoy a very fun lovely day. That can't hurt. Right?

Sometimes we may get it so right and sometimes not so right. But at the end of the day, not sweating the small stuff and just appreciating the fun in these few summer days we have left is all that matters.

Have you ever purchased an item from the store knowing it didn't fit but you bought it anyway?Then you get home and you want to beat yourself up. Or have you ever taken any photos or outfit photos you think is not so blog post worthy you had to.....?

Thank you all so much for reading. Stay in touch. Now your comments.
               SHORTS: Bluenotes // T-SHIRT: Target // SANDALS: Mossimo For Target // CROSSBODY PURSE: Guess



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