I would like to say this, "Anything stylish never really goes out of style...or fashion. It only takes the back seat for a while. Waiting for its huge come back". Take for instance skinny jeans. Those guys were worn many, many years ago and i recall thinking to myself once, "Can't do and won't do". Er, hello?

I have had these wide leg pants for 8 years. I bought them from The Limited Store in Pentagon City Mall, Washington DC but only wore them 3 times. Not because i didn't like them, but because i thought it took just more than any occasion to wear pants that long and so cosmopolitan. I did not want to bastardize the beauty of the pants but yet at the same time they needed to worn more often.

I decided on a small T-shirt and of course the smiley tee was a good match to pair it with and have fun with. Come on didn't you break into a smile when you saw that t-shirt also? Okay maybe just a teeny bit? No? Smiley face has that effect on everyone you know.

The trucker hat is a sweet come back this summer that really honestly never stopped trending. Only that they have become more stylish and have got a whole more personality to them. Don't believe me? Ask Justin Bieber...and i meant that in a good way y'all. Love them hats.

By the way, it is still officially summer. Why not bust out with some vibrant colors and a little bit of fun. Right?

Thanks for reading. Now your comments.

TRUCKER HAT & NECKLACE: Ardene // T-SHIRT: SWS tees! // PANTS: The Limited // BANGLES: H&M // HEELS: Nine West.


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WIDE LEG PANTS AND BAM! WIDE LEG PANTS AND BAM! Reviewed by The Fashion Stir Fry on 8/04/2013 Rating: 5
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