In between trying to understand the heat wave we have had in the last few days, and embracing the idea of gallivanting around town showing off my midriff all in the name of fashion, has been quite interesting. I never realized how really shy and maybe even uncomfortable i get when i need to show a little bit of some skin down there. Hahaha. Okay sure i haven't been anywhere close to the gym in a couple of years but now i may just have to take up some dance routine in the comfort of my home  in order to achieve that much needed 6 pack...or even 8.

Crop tops, how i so love thee but you don't love me...that much.

I love anything lacy and colorful but then i was so excited to incorporate a cropped top to this "glad-it-is-so-warm-but-i-am-afraid-it-would-get-cold-in-a-heart-beat-and-i-am-screwed-kinda-outfit". The only problem?

Crops are so trendy right now it hurts.


In as much as i appreciate this warm days, they are just the lasts before the prolonged major chills. What a tease. Just like me in that crop top. I can't seem to keep my arms and bag away from that area as you can see in the photos. Hahaha. Still, a blazer or jacket is never far away from me just in case the weather decides to get real again. 

I might come around feeling comfortable wearing cropped tops probably by Christmas time. We'll see :)

Thank you all so much for reading. Now your comments.
LACY BLAZER: Bluenotes // CROP TOP: Bluenotes // SHORTS: Bluenotes // PUMPS: BCBGeneration // WEDGES: Sam & Libby For Target // NECKLACE & EARRINGS: Target // BANGLES: H&M


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