Considering the fact that my last couple of posts had to do with bright colors and i have so much love for all of you, i thought it wouldn't be a bad idea to give you all break. But then see what happens: I went monochromatically out of control. Hahaha. I went completely-


on my outfit. Believe me when i tell you, this is a little bit out of my comfort zone- Wearing a crop top without even being super self conscious, okay may be a little bit. Secondly, the idea of not just wearing polka dots but pretty large dots and lastly, the very high waisted leggings- Big step! Beautiful people, life is nothing but a risk and so is fashion. This was a risk i am so proud to tell you i ended up loving in a very quirky chic way. The prints make me look lean and tall. I can't be mad at that.

I wanted to do something different, quite unlike my usual style post (or maybe not so much :)) and luckily for me, the weather has been on my side the past few days here in Canada. So i took advantage of the warm weather to style these interesting pieces and just have fun with it. It may not be for everyone (trust me i understand) but i tried to look beyond the monochromatic madness and i saw a lot of potentials in printed outfits or mixing prints. Of course this isn't news to anyone but until you challenge yourself to do it, then you realize how really true the facts are. There is really no limit to the creative magic that can come out of mixing prints but at the same time, things could go so wrong very quickly too. Well, in this case, i was exploring and trying out a bit of a different look to see where it takes me. I worked with just two colors, bold prints, shapes and sizes of the patterns but  i stayed consistent through out the look.

Knowing it is not going to be warm forever, i figured the easiest transition for this outfit from the fluctuating temperature of it being warm one second to cold the next is by simply throwing on a white or black vest, sweatshirt, blazer or coat (which either one is never far away from me) over the crop top and baby girl is warm and fuzzy again. I have on a pair of full high waisted tights underneath the silky lycra fabric for a firm fit, a liiiittle extra thickness, for my feet in  the boots and should in case the temperature drops, i am covered. Some outfits may be difficult to wear but there is always a way- Make it your own and go with it.

Thank you all for reading. Now your comments.

CROP TOP & LEGGINGS: Streetwear Society via Stitches // LEATHER VEST: UK2LA // BOOTS: Aldo // EARRINGS, HAIR BAND, SUNGLASSES & BANGLES: Ardene // PURSE: Fiona


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