Yesterday was the last day of the Canadian National Exhibition held in Toronto but i was there a couple of weeks ago. Kindly bear with me for reporting this late. This is an annual event in Toronto that i particularly look forward to. I recall my first time attending the event a couple of years ago with William, being so much fun. After missing it last year because we were not in Canada at the time, we were excited about attending this year.

One thing i know for sure is, there is something for everyone. Lots of rides, games, air show, sand sculpturing, shopping and more. The beauty of the shopping there is an opportunity to grab tons of huge sales going on. Starting from electronics such as big screen HD, LCD TVs, to items such as, shoes by Dr Martens, stylish clothes, even to as small as earrings from different countries. There is an overwhelming number of various vendors showcasing their products from all over but overall, nothing compares to the variety of food in abundance. There is so much food in your face you can't help but want, but the down side is, at the end of it all, you may need to be pushed in a wheel barrow back to your car. Hahaha.

As we were heading out we spotted Sico, the robot from Rocky IV (in the picture above) entertaining but mostly flirting with the ladies. He spotted my Canon and i in the crowd and before i new it we were both dancing to "Single Ladies" by Beyonce (he is a charmer). Apparently, he not only talks and dance but there is a stereo built in it that automatically plays different songs loud enough to draw some crowd. I had to be a good sport. Nice way to end an already fun, tiring day.

Well, enjoy the photos.

Thank you all so much for reading. Now your comments.

                                                        Spotted the cool reflectors...


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