Some say beauty can be achieved, some say you are born with it. I say, beauty is seeing someone or something deeper than what it is and appreciating it in its raw, crude, green, unpurified state without
make judgements. That is the only way i can interpret this outfit : Feminine, easy to wear and romantic in its own way.

What is not love in a maxi skirt, especially one with full soft fabrics that fall lightly into clumps of what appears to feel like cotton candy on my hips. It was no brainer i needed to pair it with a top that celebrated it, that was feminine, complemented its softness and shows it is so much more than a shapely little "stud".

When Inspired Magazine invited me to take part in its style competition with Dahlia Wolf, i immediately thought about all my readers and how THANKFUL  i am to you all. Really, without you all, nobody would know my blog even exists let alone invite me to participate or be a part of anything. Your support and love is what has brought me this far. Thank you all so, so much. Secondly, i panicked because i knew this was going to be a tough one. Okay and i really don't like losing...hahaha but it is always better to dream than to doubt. Dreams become reality. Right?

Can you submit an entry too? Absolutely! It is open to everyone but read the rules.

How does it work? You have to submit an outfit and 2 winners will be selected. One by them and the second, based on the number of votes/likes you get. Then you design a masterpiece outfit inspired by you which would be sold and you get to earn some commission on it. Details here

Why am i telling you this? Because i would love you to enter too. If you win, you get to create a master piece that will earn you some commission when sold. Your success is mine too. They didn't ask me to help them inform others, but i believe in supporting each other. Especially something we are all passionate about. Sharing is social and helps us all know what opportunities are out there.

So when i found out entries for the competition closes on the 14th and i knew i didn't have that much time to ponder to much on it, i knew i had to come up with an outfit quick. Anyway, i thought why not submit this one.

Now all you beautiful and talented fashionistas out there, if you haven't heard about this contest or the opportunities Dahlia Wolf gives to fashion bloggers/ fashionistas, now you know.

                                      TOP: Bluenotes // SKIRT: Quicksilver // PUMPS: Mossimo For Target // PURSE: Stedmans




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