"Hey, nice t-shirt!" 
"My ex-girlfriend had a shirt just like that but it looks better on you." 
"Bwwaahahaha! Oh your shirt mehn. Love it!" 
"Oh sorry, i didn't mean to stare. I was just trying to see what was on your shirt."

Oh yea and it just goes on. Those are just some examples of what you hear when you wear a graphic t-shirt. True or False? On an elevator? In a waiting room? Waiting in line? Coffee shop? Anyone? Or maybe it is just me?

These are t-shirts that always find ways of speaking without you even saying a word. They do the talking for you. Seriously, how cool is that? :) As long as you don't wear a T-shirt that say, "Don't talk to me" You know you are going to get it :D.

Awkward conversation starter?? Totally. Hahaha. But it works.

The comments are sometimes nice, sometimes smart or you may just not get one- It could just be an interesting look you might get. I am guilty of staring at graphic tees on people. I people watch anyway :D so it is bound to happen but there are some that get your attention way more than others.

The funniest thing happened to me once when i  was getting ready to leave home in a rush and just grabbed the first t-shirt i saw. You forget what is written on it until you find yourself in your niece's school waiting to speak with one of her teachers and all you get from the sweet moms hanging around is a very cold stiff smile. What to do? Smile very warmly back like you mean it and just throw your head to the side a little.

I have seen so many out there this season with super cute messages and very cool graphics. This time, i just got one with fewer words but a bolder image. Love that it is a box tee and without thinking twice about it, i knew it would be easy to layer it with a denim vest  and a leather jacket. I just love that sneak peek you get under the layers of fabrics or jackets when you wear a graphic t-shirt. .

Thank you all for reading. Now your comments

T-SHIRT: Parasuco // DENIM VEST: Amethyst // DENIM SHORTS: Boom Boom // LEATHER JACKET: Dynamite // KNEE HIGH BOOTS: Dollhouse // CROSS-BODY BAG: Guess SUNGLASSES: A.J. Morgan // CAMO SCARF: Ardene


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