Looks familiar? Okay let me explain....or may be not 'cause it might take forever. I'll just get right into it.

Have you ever loved two things the same? Okay how about buying the same outfit in different colors and each time you wear every color at different times, you get a whole new satisfaction from each one? Now explain. See,  sometimes you really can't or you just accept it like i did.

I bought the same dress with the same prints and pattern, exact same cut and length but with a slight difference- the color. This wholesome darling is pink. Similar or not, this one feels a little more special. It is in one of my favorite colors and it pops. Pink is very girly and very sweet but at the same time a man in pink is always a breathe of fresh air and ultimately classy.

As the temperature drops each day now, this maxi dress i bought for summer but only just got a chance to wear it today came in handy. The denim shirt absolutely worked out fine and it was in pink too!

Pink might just be every girl's best friend.

When you love something and you want it in every single color out there, i say, "Why not?".  Love has no boundaries :).

Now i hope i don't find it in orange. Trouble. Hahahaha.

Thank You All For Reading. Now Your Comments.
        MAXI DRESS: Snap via Winners/Marshalls // PUMPS: Marc Fisher // DENIM SHIRT: Bluenotes // Bangles: H&M


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