Taking the focus off of me for a second :), i thought like i promised, maybe a little late, i am finally able to post a few streetstyle  photos that were taken by yours truly, me :). It took a lot of courage and personal psychs to be able to approach total strangers who were so nice and understanding to take photos of their outfits. Once i was able to approach the first person, it got easier after that. Anyway, it is official. I am now a streetstyle rookie photographer. Yaay! Hahaha. This is my first and hopefully not the last. I will be sharing more on streetstyle while i still post on personal style, beauty, DIY (That too. Yep!) and more from all over .

I have always been so crazy about street style and you all know i love to find inspiration anywhere and the streets exhume a lot of raw, untouched and unrefined creativity/style. I am bringing you photos of how stylish people mix prints, colors, patterns, layer and stay trendy. First stop? Toronto...

Three beautiful, awesome young ladies and i believe are obviously friends walked up the street happily, chatting away while they sipped on coffee on a chilly day in Toronto. They totally  impressed me with how they combined a lot of really cool pieces together so effortlessly. Obviously very trendy and as you can see, there is a lot of prints, patterns and color mix in their outfits. Love how they are not afraid to mix and match at all. Do you all notice the gloves of the young lady on the right? Taking cues from the youngsters, obviously wearing all black outfits in Fall or Winter is so yesterday. Friends who wear great beanies outfits and are stylish stay together. Thanks a lot for being such great sports ladies :)

Now moving on to Emelia, who is such doll. A lady in a pair of chiseled Chelsea boots, a big trend this Fall by the way and an impeccable vintage coat with bold prints from the 70s is a winner in my world. Love the prints, the bold collars, the warm colors and the gorgeous length. Looking flawless and so chic in vintage is hard to ignore. Thank you Emelia.

Adam first caught my attention at flannel in 49 degrees freezing (Whaaat?!!!). But then I quickly got distracted by the coolest hat not just anyone could pull off but again, he so did. Hunting him down while he peacefully went to grab a takeout, he was nice enough to let me take a picture of his western inspired look. Soon I realized very quickly as we spoke that he had layered very nicely under his flannel shirt with a white collared shirt buttoned up to the neck, then wore a thick sweatshirt over it and BAM! Now i see....Fantastic! Very smart, well thought out but so easily and effortlessly executed. Great look. Thanks a lot Adam. That's it! My first streetstyle photos. Your thoughts. Thank you all for reading. Now your comments.

All Photos By Me.                  

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