Have you ever tried counting how many people you come across wearing jeans when you step out your door? Have you ever wondered how denim has gained its continued success and popularity all over the world? How is it possible for a garment to win over the hearts of many since the late 18th century? While i may leave you all with these thoughts, i believe denim interprets to everyone differently especially women. No?

Denim to me has always been an easy wear. No matter how many leather pieces, printed outfits or leggings i may have in my closet, denim just seems to always come out on top all year round. No matter the weather or mood i am in, it always wins. I would wear an old pair of  jeans to clean and do some dirty work just as much as i would rock a pair when it comes to dressing up for certain events too. Can i say that about a denim dress? No. Especially one that i decided to wear as a coat or should i call it an outer wear over my graphic T-shirt and denim skirt in this post- I am obviously stretching the summer outfits here again ;). This denim dress is definitely not designed to be worn for doing any dirty work, but i decided to find just one more versatile way to make it useful in my wardrobe- Wear it over every outfit for a really easy look and an easy day. It can really be worn casually or simply dress up the denim dress if you want.

One or two sizes too big, is how i shop for some of my outer wears/coats in order to make room for the outfit underneath and for future layerings. This buttoned down denim dress, turned coat is not an exception. The bigger the better for me. If you love denim as much as i do, you would understand how fun-fantastic it is to wear denim on denim, or even wearing denim on denim on denim (denim top, denim bottoms, denim outerwear/coat). Oooh triple denim! Watch out now. Hahaha.

Thank You All For Reading. Now Your Comments.
            DENIM DRESS: Contrast Denim // DENIM SKIRT: SO // NEW YORK T-SHIRT: Stitches // PUMPS: Marc Fisher 




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