After two days of non stop rain which seemed like forever, we finally got some sunshine and the day warmed up just a little bit. Like a puppy let loose, i grabbed my blazer and i was out the door. Only this time, i had nowhere to go, but instead of wandering the streets alone, i decided to bring you all along with me. It doesn't matter where we go, just as long as we are enjoying a beautiful day in town. Right?  Enjoying the crisp, fresh air, the lovely smell of autumn helps recharge the mind and the soul.

It felt like a perfect day to wear a blazer, but more so, one in velvet. Smooth, soft and chic. Pink was on my mind and i so went with it. The pants, the bag and the hat. Hahaha...hey, after the rain comes the sun, so does the "rainbow" too. Besides the fact that graphic shirts or tops have been so popular since summer, i have so taken to them. I find them to work so well underneath a blazer, trench coat, gilets or any other jacket. Love the peekaboo. Don't you? This feline face on my chest was also perfect for a day to run wild and be happy, especially after days of hard pouring rain and pretty much being so bummed out by it. That explains my post topic- "Feeling So Blazerrifc Now". Excuse the silliness ;). Blame it on the weather.

First stop is the Gravenhurst Farmers' Market, voted #1 in Ontario and only here every Wednesdays.

               Next stop is the Opera House. No, i have never been there to watch any show...Er..

                                                     There is really nothing going on here.
                                                               Moving on....

                                                           Let's see what is up the street

                              I could really use some rest right now.  Getting tired but not quitting!

Now we are in downtown Bracebridge which is just about 10 minutes drive from Gravenhurst

                                                  And we are back home in Gravenhurst....aaah. That was  kinda fun.
                            BLAZER:  Jacob // SLEEVLESS TOP: It Closet // PANTS: Bluenotes // BOOTS: Call It Spring // BAG: Aldo  HAT: Ardene

You can obviously tell, i live in a small town where there isn't really much happening. Gravenhurst pretty much is a resort town where you find a lot of seniors retiring and moving  to settle and i can totally see why. It is very peaceful, safe and one of the best places to be during the summer because of its many events and awesome lakes. The other down side to it besides being so small is, you tend to find a lot of stores going out of business. Oh well, after 6 months of living here, i can confidently tell you i have a funny feeling we won't be here for long...Um just a hunch ;).

Now The Video. I Really Had So Much Fun Shooting It. Hopefully It Puts  A Smile On Someone's Face. Enjoy!

 Thank you all so much for reading and coming on this ride with me ;).  Hope you enjoyed it. Now Your Comments.


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