Sitting in my hotel room on the couch cuddled up under my blanket, I send out nothing but love to you all. I have been in Toronto, my second home, since yesterday but will be leaving again tomorrow.
It is always good to be here in the city but being here has me on forced cyber withdrawal. Er the WiFi in the hotel has no love for me so I am doing the little I can with my phone....ouch. Only for me to have dropped my phone unknowingly in the parking lot of one of the biggest malls in Toronto this morning with all my media accounts and email on auto sign in....eeek. So no internet, no phone = Lost and confused. Hahaha. Found  my phone though but it was 40km away. A good Samaritan had picked it up, but was just that far away. If you are reading this sir, thank you so much :). Day plan? Squashed. Total bummer.

If I could live in hotels, I would but for a short stay at a time. Soon I start to miss the comfort of a home, my home. I just love hotel lobbies, the decors, the style, architectural work and of course a little treat never hurts. After checking in and relaxing a little, I change into a comfortable outfit that is also dinner worthy.  Then take a walk around the hotel to know where everything is, to see more of the hotel, the pool area, the gym, the view, definitely restaurants, the view, the beauty and all the goodies it has to offer.
This hotel happens to have an indoor swimming pool which I guess was okay especially with the weather. Since none of the guests there was using it, I decided to take a pose for you in case you were looking for me :). Come on, it was hard not to :)

So while I am here missing you all and can't wait to be back online again to catch up, this is me saying thank you for all your love, comments, continued support and all. Meanwhile, I will continue to respond to everyone who has left me comments on my blog on their blogs, my blog and all other social networks too from my phone.  Thank you all and I will be back tomorrow or next with a new outfit post.  Have a goodnight.

Thank you all for reading. Now your comments.


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