Who says a poncho can't be fashionable, can't be chic, can't be stylish? A garment popularly worn by  Mexicans and Native Americans has since become a darling in the fashion world today. I call it, "my cosy little piece" because it does feel that way when i wear it, while some may call it a cape.

As we slowly move into the peak of Fall, the appreciation for warmer clothes slowly starts to sink in too. Fall is all about layering but also great for texture mixing and pattern loving- Just like you can wear denim on leather or silk on denim and vise verse, so also can wool and crochet be paired with....everything. The versatility of a poncho is endless. Usually crocheted, knitted or made from wool, it could be worn over almost every outfit in your closet:- Over a shirt, a dress, with a skirt, pants and just as is, like i have worn in the photos but depending on how cold it is. The maxi skirt was not my initial option but after holding both pieces together, it felt so right and that poncho needed to be celebrated anyway. I always loved the classic way of wearing a maxi skirt with boots and that was just what i did. The orange bag just keeps giving. Afterall, oversized bags are trending right now anyway. Mine isn't but it is orange big enough for Fall. :)

The poncho is a beautifully printed woolen piece that works just like a sweater but with a difference. Love the hood, the prints and the cape-like style of it because that is what makes it fashionable, stylish and very chic. It sure brings more to the table and puts you into a character lovely and relaxed mood. It puts me in a holiday mood, yep, jingle bells and everything. Or too soon? You know, in a cabin somewhere in the woods, sitting by the fire sipping on a hot cup of caramel macchiato, listening to some holiday music, reading a book, watching a movie or just slurping on some delicious noodles, my poncho will always keep me warm and makes for an awesome cuddle buddy. Hahaha.

Thank You All For Reading. Now Your Comments.
         PONCHO: UK2LA, Similar here   // MAXI SKIRT:  Quick Silver , Similar here // BAG: Rimen & Co., Similar here

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