Just when i thought tartan couldn't get any more popular than it already is, i see it everywhere more than ever now. On TV, almost every celebrity is wearing it, magazines, streets, internet and in stores because even Victoria Secret/PINK has a few really cute panties in pink tartan. Everything everywhere has turned to tartan. Hahaha. Well what other way to celebrate this tartan madness other than to play with the prints. Prints are trending so heavily right now, even Pink Tartan, the Canadian power house designer opened with one of the best collections so far at the Toronto Fashion Week a couple of days ago. This just reminded me of how much i love prints and pattern mix but always with a little twist. Sometimes, i like to challenge myself and not always play it safe. Safe is fun but not as fun as taking risks.

So what do i do?

I thought since i had posted on tartan skirt once before, tartan pants will be a good one because every girl has got to have a pair of tartan pants in her closet, especially one with zippers in front. Well, i picked out an obvious color on the tartan pants: RED, to match with the top and purse. Finding that top in red and black was just great. Although, the shade of red on that top is a lot stronger  than the one on the pants but i couldn't find a matching shade of red in a top i liked. So i went with it as is. The patterns on the top and the open shoulder sleeves won me over immediately. Paired it with the pants, grabbed a red purse, wore a pair of black boots in order not to take too much away from the outfit and that was  how this look was born. A nice black leather jacket or trench coat will be perfect with it. How would you have mixed the tartan prints with a patterned top? Ideas are so welcome.

Thank you so much for reading. Now your comments
                               TARTAN SKINNY PANTS: Vexy // TOP: Via Vai // BOOTS: Planisphere


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TARTAN PRINT AND PATTERN MIX TARTAN PRINT AND PATTERN MIX Reviewed by The Fashion Stir Fry on 10/25/2013 Rating: 5
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