I will share a little funny story that happened between two lovely friends who set out on a life changing journey. This is a true story.  During this trip they had to do some walking but there was a problem:

Friend A to Friend B: Girl, i have lost my shoes.

Friend B: Hmm...

Friend A: Why don't we share your shoes.

Friend B: Err.. sorry, No i can't

Friend A: Come on, you wear one and then i can wear the other while we walk.

Friend B: No, no, no!

Hahaha. Kinda sad but funny at the same time. If you were Friend B what would you have done? Be honest. Don't worry they remained friends after that and they are closer than ever till today.

Shoes are a necessity whether we like it or not, but finding the right pair sometimes can be a headache. They are either too difficult to walk in, too hard on the sole, they make your toes look funny or you simply never get the pair you are head over heels in love with in your size. Hahaha.
Every time i spot a pair of shoes that i like, i get all so excited and scared at the same time. I approach the target hoping it comes in my size. If all goes well, there is always that tiny little scream of excitement in your belly.

One mistake i make so many times is trying to jam my foot in shoes that are a size too small because all the cutest shoes never seem to come in my size. Unfair. Hahaha. One important lesson i have learned though, with time is investing in good shoes that fit properly, pairs that are practical, versatile and timeless. You could wear a very simple or basic outfit but a very nice pair of shoes will transform the look to a beautiful upgrade instantly. Afterall, the shoes always make the outfit. No?

I have created simple, effortless looks and paired them with the perfect shoes that will totally add an extra flair to it. They are trendy, ideally very practical, versatile, stylish and cool. Also if i switch each pair around with all the other outfits they work so well together too. So maybe sometimes investing in just a few right shoes go a very long way. The only problem is if you are a shoe lover like me, that may be hard sometimes ;).

Thank you all for reading and have a Happy Remembrance Day! We are remembering all our fallen heroes/solders here in Canada. Which is why you may have noticed the Poppy pin i had on for the blog party.  Have a great day all! Now your comments.

#1.The simple unisex Celine Tee + Grid Printed Pants + Blazer.

#2. A Bouclé Peplum Jacket/Top + Boyfriend Jeans: Sweet and simple.

#3. A Simple Classic Denim Shirt + A Pair Of Wideleg Pants: Easy & Effortless.

#4. Dresses + Sneakers: So Effortlessly Chic. 

#5. A Simple Grey Sweater Dress That Can Be worn With Any Of These Shoes Makes This Outfit.

A very big thank you to all those you have joined the TFSF Follow & Blog Link Up Party. Thank you all for the amazing support and tips. I noticed the growth and huge support. So i dedicated a page on the blog where everyone can submit their blog links every week.  
I see a lot of love and support in this community. You all are amazing and i wish everyone so much success in all your endeavour. 

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