Could there possibly be any reason to want to wear an over-sized jacket with animal prints other than the fact that it is easier to go big for Fall? Apart from the fact that over-sized jackets are a big trend this season, the animal print has always been a favorite of so many for as long as i can remember. I have seen the Tiger print jackets a lot more on people than any other animal print this season but the beauty of it all is how so many are styling theirs and i am loving it.

I see fashion rules being broken day after day and it makes me wonder if these rules were just made to be broken anyway, hahaha. I once read that if you are small and slim, never wear over-sized clothes because you only drown in it...okay true :) Also, not to wear bold prints because you don't have the body type of a more voluptuous  woman to pull it off. I think it all depends on how you wear it. I really do like my clothes to fit perfectly but can you blame me if i wanted this larger than life jacket because i like to have some of my jackets a size or two bigger for room to layer and wear thicker clothes for extra warmth. Comfort, anyone? I also couldn't resist the Giraffe print and warm colors. Hello? It is so soft and so warm and totally fun to style. This is one of those kind of few moments where i find myself buying shoes a size too small just because...Hahaha. This timeless piece can be worn in so many different ways for Fall and Winter.  I down played mine by choosing to wear a pair of sneakers this time. I love my prints and i love this piece. Are you a fan of animal prints?

Thank you for reading. Now your comments.
                                JACKET: Stone // PANTS: Express // SNEAKERS: Goldie 725 The Originals 
   Photos Taken And Edited By Me


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GOING BIG IN ANIMAL PRINTS GOING BIG IN ANIMAL PRINTS Reviewed by The Fashion Stir Fry on 11/06/2013 Rating: 5
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