You know what? It is okay if you think i am a walking billboard for denim because i can take it and i will own it like a pro. I love denim and i will wear it for as long as the sun continues to shine. Why fight something you love? Pointless. My mom put us all in denim as kids a lot- For birthday parties, picnics, holiday events and casually while we stayed home. Even as i got old enough to start buying my own clothes, denim continued to find a place in my heart. As you can all tell from my past posts, it is no news that i have so  much love for it. Needless to say, i am hooked. My love for this lovely piece is beyond, beyond and even more so is how fascinating denim comes in so many styles and designs. I won't bore you with a list but i will tell you for sure the denim on denim trend is so my thing.

Being on the go a lot  sometimes, i sought after a comfortable look, ideal for a long day running errands, all kinds of appointments and even any impromptu meet ups, lunch or dinner stops. Pairing this boat neck denim top with the floral print denim skirt is such a refreshing twist to the denim on denim trend that i love so much. The floral prints on the skirt adds fun and color to the denim and breaks the total denim look halfway. Including the fedora hat and a pair of knee high boots somehow makes me feel the simplicity of the look suddenly becomes a winner for being chic and comfortable all in one.

Thank you all for reading. Now Your comments.
                             DENIM TOP: Siblings Jeans // PRINTED DENIM SKIRT: Motel Rocks // BOOTS: Aldo


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