I am in my hotel room in transit to start a new chapter in my life. Yes lovely people, i am moving again. I will be flying to the beginning of a new chapter of my life in a couple of days. I can't wait to share the mysteries of the unknown with you all. Life is a journey.... and this is mine. Haa!

At one point in my life, i thought i collected lingerie. Loved having them but hardly ever wore them. I was and still am fascinated by the delicate cuts, the fabrics- lace, sheer, satin, the comfort and the femininity of these pieces. They are always so light in weight and just romantic enough to make you want to wear them all day in the comfort of your home. Since i hardly ever wore mine, i was forced to do away with most of them.

Lately though, life has constantly put me in places where travelling has become a frequent occurrence. Which means staying in hotels, flying and packing. The first two is so not the problem  but the last one is- I can't seem to pack lightly to save my life. I am definitely working on it. A lingerie weighs nothing in my suitcase, definitely easy to pack and very comfortable to wear in my hotel room or anywhere. Plus it makes me feel so much more like a woman. Love these things.  

Holidays are getting closer which means travelling to see family and friends or just travelling. Packing lightly would be a challenge for me. One problem solved is how much my love for lingerie has been rekindled all over again. This time, i plan to wear every single one any opportunity i get. Plus they get to travel with me. Do you also have a problem packing lightly like me or you are a minimalist made in heaven?

Thank you for reading. Now your comments.
                                                                   LINGERIE: Linea Donatella


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