Hello everyone! I am welcoming you all to the very first TFSF Follow Party hosted by me. I have been meaning to do this for a very long time and i think this is the perfect time to do it. This is to help fashion, beauty and lifestyle bloggers introduce themselves, gain more traffic to their site and gain more followers all from one place.

The Fashion Bloggers community is one of the largest if not the largest blogging community and we all know how much hard work is involved in blogging and marketing it. Then creating quality content to gain followers. The biggest work is keeping your followers: Consistency and quality content. Everyday i see how much bloggers want to follow each other but sometimes find it a bit challenging.  So i have decided to bring every blogger who is interested in driving traffic to their blog, follow blogs and link up with other blogs here. Simply by submitting your blog link using the form below. Once it is submitted, a link to your website link with thumbnail will be posted on this page.

This is a happy and friendly party where everyone is willing to discover more blogs and happy to support each other. Submit your blog link if you are interested in driving more traffic to your blog and if you would like to follow, but be willing to follow back. That said, no pressure guys :). It is a party and it won't be fun without you!

- In the form below, add a link to any style post or family friendly post of your choice from your blog.  No giveaway posts please ;) (Hint: I would recommend fashion bloggers include a style post).

- Once you have followed a blog, leave them a comment (depending on how you follow), either on their blog or social media page. Remember to add that you found them through The TFSF Follow Party, include a link of your blog or social media, inform them of the social media page you followed so they know and can easily find you to follow back. Be patient.

- Try To Follow a blog you know you genuinely like and you know for sure will follow back.
(Hint: You can leave a comment below).

- If you follow a blogger through Facebook Page, that is, "Like" their page, kindly use your personal account because that is the only way it will count.

- Thanks for joining and have a wonderful weekend!

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