There is nothing better than owning outfits that would age so gracefully with you. They never go out of style or fashion and can pretty much be worn with anything. Who? What, what, what? You ask? Well i am sure you don't need me to tell you about:

The classic black and white wardrobe staples.

The winter/cold season seems to bring along some lazy days with it and you know i am all for it if it means a hot cup of cocoa or coffee, warm blanket, sweet ol' burning fireplace, romantic movies or a book with gripping powerful suspense while the snow blows off mountain tops. Yes, it is winter here in Alberta, Canada and as i adjust to a new environment, different time zone and some snow already, all my lazy self has been doing lately is keeping my outfits pretty basic and simple. While my shirt may not be all white, the black and white prints turned out a bit too small for you to even notice they are puppytooth in the photos but i know i can get a life time from it. It is so easy to reach into my closet to pick out something black to wear but at the same time i don't have many clothes in black. It is just the fact that a color that safe and so timeless doesn't need to come in thousands.

This is a pretty basic and very simple look that is so easy to put together. It can be worn all year round whatever the weather maybe. Also very predictable and probably overdone but i tried to switch it up a bit using accesories. I went all matchy matchy with the bag and hair band to to add  some fun flair to it. The solid all black pants already sets a safe tone for me to get crazy with the prints. A perfect leather jacket or fur coat will be most ideal with this outfit. Truth be told- The best thing about this bag right now is the perfect puppytooth print that matches my top and hair band. Hahaha. When it's time for a bag to go, then it's time to let it go but when you have it in black and white it becomes another timeless piece you just find so easy to match with almost every outfit. Somehow it finds a way to remain in the closet.  Do you have any piece or item you have held onto for as long as you can remember or maybe can't stop wearing even if you tried?

Thank you all for reading. Now your comments.

                          SHIRT: New Shine // PANTS: Bluenotes // HAIR ACCESSORY: Ardene // BOOTS: Planisphere


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