First of all i want to say a big, big thank you to every single one of you  out there for your wonderful comments on my last post. The love, the support and the encouraging words- Amazing and sweet! Also to those of you that have continued to visit my blog and read. Thank you all.

Following my last post, this is an update of my move. Well, i moved to Kananaskis, Alberta. Hahaha, i know...jaw breaking. I tried to say it (Kananaskis) fast five times without blabbing. Can you :)? I have never been, but William's work kinda takes us around a bit. This is just another. The town is known for its amazing ski resorts and ski jumping parks. It is about an hour drive to Canada Olympic Park where the 1988 Winter Olympic was held and was the primary venue for ski jumping, luge and bob sleigh. Still currently used for recreational purposes such as skiing, snow boarding and top notch athletic training by the public. Oh yeah, it is already that time of the year again and i can't wait to visit.

The drive from Calgary International Airport was quite interesting. I was quickly reminded winter has arrived in this part of Canada. There was a a bit of a snow storm but it did start to subside as we moved along. The good thing was that i was so distracted by the amazing view of the mountains, the coyote "strolling" in a large open field on the road side, what looked like mountain goats but as big as cows hogging the roads because apparently oncoming vehicles don't bother them unlike the deer... Boy, all these left me speechless. The next day we went to town and the view of the mountains was so magical. I guess the snow added to it. There was a glow and you could see a dust of snow blowing at the very top of the mountains. Words could not explain the beauty of this place. Oh my gosh, are we still on planet earth? That i even get to witness moments like this live, makes me so thankful. This isn't an outfit post as you can see because sometimes, some great moments are best captured when they happen organically and not so planned. I had to steal the moment to take photos of the view to share with you all. There were so many pictures but i didn't want to overwhelm you all. A couple i did share on my instagram page but i picked just a few of the bests. Enjoy!
Thank you all. Now your comments.

The view from the plane: Had a 6:45 am flight and had to wake up at 3am but after this view.... Aaah!!

                  After a 4hr flight, long drive, long day and what not, dinner was in the horizon.
The mountain view
                   The hotel lobby is all lit up and ready for Christmas. Got to love the holiday spirit.


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sepatuholig-Grace Njio said...

love it!!!!

Pooja Mittal said...

The place looks so beautiful, fantastic and gorgeous :)
I am inviting you to join my $30 certificate giveaway
Keep in touch,

Mrs FF said...

Lovely! Can't wait to see the fashion posts with this gorgeous city as your backdrop

Sam said...

Wow, these photos have taken my breath away. We never get snow like this here in Safrica, its so beautiful. What a dream to live near! Hope all is going well sweety.

Unknown said...

Aww what stunning views and you are glowing! congratulations and all the best in this new chapter of your life. You're glowing :)

Ms Dee Kay

Selina Brunetto said...

heey :) thank you so much for your follow :) I already followed you on bloglovin :)
and omg those pictures look amazing! I'd love to be there and enjoy the snow. so reminds me of chritmas and cozy times :)

xx Selina

Jackie Harrison said...

Wow its beautiful there you look cold my dear but beautiful great images.

anngrigorieva said...

beautiful blog! maybe we can follow each other?

welcome :)

Unknown said...

Girl those views are simply breathtaking. Best wishes to you and stay Fashionably Fabulous. xoxo. Natasha B.

Oh My Style said...

amazing photos!! The scenery is just so beautiful! i love your outfit too!! :)

Lenya said...

Aw Busola, this is GORGEOUS!!!! those photos are breathtaking. Lucky you!!!! I just tried it, lol, I can't say it fife times, it's hilarious but the scenery is really breathtaking.

Monica said...

Just gorgeous! I will get up to Canada one day...I hope! xo

Monica said...

Just gorgeous! I will get up to Canada one of these days...I hope! xo

Jho said...

Great photographs. It looks so cold!
I like your blog. -new follower- I'd like it if you could follow me back.

OllyUp said...

what a beautiful, congratulations for the place
I now follow you added to your blog if you'd like to see me pass

EMA said...

Wow that literally is a winter wonderland! Congrats on the move :)

Nilu A said...

Wow! Amazing clicks... Beautiful post... Do visit my blog..

The Dainty Dolls House said...

So stunning doll...I am not a snow person at all, but this looks gorgeous to me even!! You look glad you got there all safe and sound!! Have a wonderful weekend sweets xx

The Dainty Dolls House

Style by Alina said...

Winterland indeed! Congrats on your move Busola. You looks so pretty and cozy in the last photo. Love it!

xo, Alina

Pinkoolaid said...

congratulations on your move :) the place looks beautiful! the name is so hard to pronounce hahaha

Paola Lauretano said...

Wow.... wonderful pics, I love snow!!!!!!
The Place looks amazing!!!
My best wishes Busola!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Candy Crow said...

Wow the place is so beautiful, as usual beautiful clicks.

Kriti said...

hi! you have a great blog,wanna follow each other,,,,follow me on GFC,bloglovin and twitter...let me know on my blog,,i will follow you :)

Unknown said...

wonderful pictures

minnja said...

Great blog. Would you like to follow each ohter? - it would be fantastic;)


Vanessa said...

Wow,amazing pics...I like your blog.^^
Maybe follow each other on bloglovin?
Let me know follow you then back.
Lovely greets Nessa


Wowww great pics


Aileen Awesome said...

Woooow! You literally just moved to an amazing locale, and now you can tell people that you live where they vacation. Btw, amazing location for outfit photos. Looking forward to them ;)

Sex w. Candy

Kati said...

Thanks so much for your sweet words, they made my day!
Wow, these pictures are so cool, I would love to be there now!

Have a great weekend,

Beauty said...

Nice Pictures and you look great.

Unknown said...

The place is beautiful and the views are just breathtaking. I am jealous of you :(
By the way, I'm still having problems pronouncing the name :)

Unknown said...

I want to come andski over there like now!
Looks so cold though!

Unknown said...

Beautiful pictures!!!

Would you like to follow each other?

Defining Me

Unknown said...

I really loved the color ,, the combo is just perfect!!!
its really looking amazing~!~!~!

similar stuffs~!~!~!@

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