Is it just me or the highlights of the holiday always make the year. No kidding because anything can happen and it always does. I am not sure about you but my Christmas this year was pretty cool. Thanks to William and Daisy.

It was my first time spending Christmas outside of the comfort of a home and i wasn't sure what to expect but i kept an open mind. Yep, we are still staying in the hotel up in mountains in Kananaskis Village, Alberta and they had all sorts of amazing events planned for their guests. If you don't already know by now, Christmas is all about the kids and it is awesome. If the kids are happy, SCORE!! But the kid in me sometimes sneaks out in the snap of a finger when the moment arises. Really? You ask?

As part of the Christmas events here, they organized to have some reindeer around so kids everyone can feel the true essence of the Christmas spirit and i thought that was cool. After taking what seemed like endless photos of the reindeer and then my little girl with... Soon it was my turn and like a kid and ice cream, i was so excited until.....hehe. Until the man in charge asked me to get closer, hold the reindeer while he walks away so i can get my shot. Say what? Okay without saying anything i will let the photos explain what happened but i must warn you, there was nothing fashionable about this.
Boy, what an highlight it was for everyone including the kids there. They were laughing so hard. I think they laughed more at the things that were coming out of my mouth out of fear. Even i didn't understand what i was saying. I was petrified.

Meanwhile, everyone was happy and you could tell because they were putting their best smiles on while they wished everyone and anyone a Merry Christmas. Beautifully decorated ginger cakes everywhere and this lovely couple let me share in their ginger cake moment.

The employees here are simply amazing and so friendly. Some got dressed up as elves, went to the guests' rooms who had signed up for it, to have them read to and tuck their kids into bed. One of them shared how the kids would ask them a bunch of Christmas questions and they would just make up answers in the best way they could. The best part she said, was parents trying so hard not to laugh at their "genius" answers. Cute.

I was so excited when i was told i had a package to pick up from the post office. Guess what it was? My Bloggers World 2014 Calendar that i got featured in. The idea, the design project and packaging was all done by the sweet and talented graphic designer- Lubka, owner of the lifestyle and fashion blog Balgarka. Thank you so much Lu. Love it and that note you attached was just so touching .Do visit her on her blog and say hi :).

                                  Even the lovely mail room lady got in the spirit of the holidays too.

                                                     Carols the night before Christmas was amazing.

 A kid wrote a letter to Santa and stuck it on the door of their room on Christmas eve. I just had to share. Aah, that was just the cutest thing ever.

While everyone was enjoying the Christmas madness inside, this guy was ice skating away all alone right outside and i really loved that. It didn't matter what everyone was doing on Christmas day, he just wanted to ice skate and he was obviously happy and that was all that mattered. By the way he was really good too.
Thank you all so much for reading. I hope you all had an amazing Christmas. Did anything crazy happen this holiday to you too :)?


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