Every year when it comes to Christmas shopping, do you become the "Santa Baby" of  the family or amongst your friends? You work so hard to shop, wrap and make sure everyone is happy with their gifts but you tend to forget one thing. Yourself....all the time. First of all, i want to commend you for having a very generous soul, a selfless spirit and a beautiful heart. It is a very rare quality to give and never expect back from others especially these days when everyone and anyone is struggling to get ahead. I believe when you give, it will always come back in ten folds. Then there are the oh-so-polite friends and family members who just never seem to get the gift they really want or wish for. Er, who me? Hahaha, in my family we are a little too blunt. We love each other like no other but when it comes to gifting during the holidays especially and you get things wrong with each other's gifts, we keep it real. We keep it waay too real sometimes. Hahaha...but at the end of the day that is what makes us family.  The jokes, the love and company is all that matters.

Not that i am blowing my trumpet here, but I love gifting and giving. Whenever i get the chance to, i really get into it and rack my head to make sure i get it right and it is perfect. The joy and smile it brings to a person's face is what makes my forever and after. That said, i think it always important to take a minute for yourself too. Although, I am more of a pen and paper kinda girl though, where i write everything i need to do, should do, probably will never do, may like to have someday or would have really loved to have. At the end of the day it ends up lost or mistakenly destroyed. So lately from blogging i have come to know a lot more fashion sites than i ever did and now with so many apps, software and social media platforms, it is so easy to "pin", "add to" or simply bookmark the site or page.

Persunmall is one site i have become quite familiar with and it needs no introduction to most but for those who may not have heard of it, it is an online fashion store. After reading about it on so many fashion blogs, i decided to check out the website myself one day. I was really impressed with their products. They have fun, trendy and very practical pieces. From vintage to preppy, urban and quirky styles. Long story short, they have something for everyone. What does a girl like me with wishful thoughts do? Create boards with one thought in mind- That they all somehow automatically appear in my closet as soon as i am done.  Aah, wishes! What is on your wishlist this season?

1. Color Embroidery Eye Pattern Sweater

2. Thick Platform Leather Thigh High Boots

3. European Figures Painted Skirt

4. Chic Hollow Out Flap Clutch


1. Solid Flowers Vest Dress with Wool-like Collar

2. Stylish Leather Print Flower Pendant Handbag

3. Rhinestone Earrings With Pearl Ball Pendants

4. Pure Color Lace Edge High Heel Ankle Boots

1. Color Contrast Beaded Knit Coat with Two Pockets

2. Cartoon Characters Striped Sweater In White

3. Sweet Chic Diamonds Rhinestones Necklace

4. Sequins Flower Matching Girl Tote Bag

5. Printed Rivet Straight Frayed Jeans

6. Black Suede Thin Heeled Heels

This is the season for all. Love and be loved. Thank you all for reading. Now your comments.


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