Twirling your hair round your finger like me because you just don't want to have to wear another little black dress to the next party, dinner or event? I feel your pain babycakes. Kinda getting too predictable, eh? Maybe you just seem so drawn to black outfits like me because it is just so safe sometimes. How about doing it differently for a bit without going out of that comfort zone? When you have both your top and bottom pieces in one outfit, you know it can't get any easier than that. Right? Fancy not having to think about what top to wear with a pair of pants when you can throw on a pair of pantsuit and be done with it. Think of it as a little black dress with legs. That is what i think, of this easy breezy look....and sure it was breezy for the shoot. Hahahaha. Fell in love with the total simplicity of this outfit, the classic black, the pleated details of the bust area, the bands at the bottom of the pant legs and the slouchy effects of the pants- TRENDY, COMFY, CHIC. The fabric isn't thick enough for the chilly winter weather but i love it. A good ol' bomber jacket thrown over my shoulders adds a bit of an edge to the look as it keeps me warm.

Maybe this is not a hang-outside-in-the-snow kind of outfit but more of a pretty basic look and outfit idea (if i may) for one of the many changes of outfits for all the various holiday parties, dinners, events, in between or what not that will probably be rolling in for the next couple of weeks for many. It is flirty, quick, easy and so safe it rocks works. You know you can't go wrong in a classic black but adding a nice glitter clutch adds a bit of a spark to the look and a pair of orange-ish throwback heels cuts the all black by adding a pop of color to the look. Plus the not-so-pointed heels are so comfortable it totally saves the day when many hours on the feet while socializing is anticipated.

Thank you all for reading. Now your comments.
BOMBER JACKET: Garage but Similar HERE // SLOUCHY PANTSUIT: Papaya but Similar HERE and in Pink HERE // CLUTCH BAG: Victoria Secret //  SHOES: Kenneth Cole Reaction Similar HERE



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