Is work, holiday plans and shopping already stressful enough as it is for you and now you have to worry about what to wear to your company's end of year party or pot luck? Having you in mind, i thought i could do a post on that. Coincidentally, this printed bodycon dress sets the mood for a holiday shoot and so perfect for the location of shoot. I particularly love this dress because it is figure flattering, an "ideal" fabric and length for work (or should i call it "work appropriate"?). Also, it can easily go from workday outfit to a party time dress in half a second- If i wear a black or navy blue blazer over it to work then take it off when it is time to party and VOILA! Pairing it with these slightly pointy wedges, to me, is chic yet they keep your feet on a comfortable level all day long.

Christmas/New Year is my favorite time and holiday of the year except for the weather but it is hard to ignore the gorgeous lights, lovely decors, end of year parties, merriment and holiday madness everywhere you go. Right here at the hotel where i shot these photos, they are in full blown holiday mode.

Christmas trees with lights, holiday music being played by a pianist....okay let me stop there for a second. Holding it together. Who doesn't like being charmed by piano music? It is sweet, romantic, fun and sets the tone for everything. Come on, a lady in a colorful middy printed dress should be best treated to some holiday fun times and music. Keeping the look simple, classy and easy while still keeping things lightly on a professional level for the end of year parties at work is something i learned from experience. The knee length and middies are not only a huge trend right now but prints also are. Get dolled up, throw your hair down for a few minutes of fun, forget your worries and let lose a little. Shake those hips and dance the night away.
If this holiday face of mine doesn't get you all happy, merry and into the holiday spirit, i don't know what else will, or maybe not.
                   BODYCON MIDI DRESS: Katsumi Similar in Midi HERE  in Mini HERE // POINTY WEDGED SHOES: Madeline Similar HERE & HERE

Anyway, as we begin the month of December and the countdown to a new year, i thought i could start off the celebration with some colorful prints.  What would you wear to a holiday party?
As we all celebrate please Be Merry, Be Happy, Be Safe.

Thank you all for reading. Now your comments.


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