While holiday parties and events keep rolling in, some of us may be planning for the holidays but some have weddings to plan. You might probably be wondering, "Who gets married in winter?" Hey, it is summer somewhere. If everyone had to get married in summer, imagine how many bridezillas the world will have to deal with in one very hot weather season. Hahaha. Does anyone still watch that show called, "Bridezillas"? My favorite bride show on TV is actually "Say Yes To The Dress" on TLC.

I love dresses but a wedding dress is another story. It is a project on its own and it has got to be perfect. I always want to see a bride's dress at a wedding just because it is one thing everyone looks forward too but how many people get excited about seeing what the bride's mom is wearing? Hardly, right? Well imagine how cool i thought it was when i discovered Dresshop, an online store that develops, designs, produces, wedding dresses, bridesmaid dresses and more also does that too. Not to worry party people and fun loving dolls, they have some "out of this world" dresses for cocktails, date nights and all kinds of parties to last you till the New Year and after.

I am sharing a few photos which i call a real big tease compared to the tons of gorgeous dresses i have seen while browsing their site. But be warned, when you visit Dresshop, prepare yourself to be swept off your Cinderella feet.

Photo credit (above and below): Dresshop
                  Chapel Train Embroidery A-line/Princess A-line White Ivory Wedding Dresses 

Something for the cutie patooties too.

                    A-line/Princess Spaghetti Straps Beading Cute Flower Girl Dresses

Hmm...a slight distraction is this beauty from Very, another cool site that is making waves online and also on TV with their fashion pieces. 

                                                    Definitions Waterfall Maxi Dress


                                              And this pair of sweet sandals from H&M

  Thank you all for reading. Now your thoughts.


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