Perfect houndstooth blazer and avalanche boots
So very often will you hear, doing things in little doses is always the way to go. Or less is more... but can certain things or actions be excused? Like wearing all that white during winter. Would you consider doing it? I know many would say, "Oh no, nooot meee." And i totally get it because most times it is wet out, the messy, dirty snow isn't always very encouraging and white isn't just as warm. But don't  you agree wearing white especially in fresh snow at the dead of winter is undeniably very pretty? There is just something so crisp, clean and cool about it. Imagine how hard it was to resist the temptation to shoot this outfit in the snow. Especially after i finally found the perfect pair of snow boots also in white. It may not be my last time i would wear white this winter but for the moment, it was so worth it.

I kept my look pretty simple: Still in love with the very trendy houndstooth pattern, but this time, it's a black and white blazer. I wore it over a white wing sleeved sweater top matched with a fitted pair of white denim pants. I maintained the white look of course by wearing my pair of Avalanche boots that have been more or less a life saver these days while walking on this slippery, icy, snowy roads.

Knowing generally, white is a hard color to wear but could this winter white be just too much, too soon to handle for you? Could it be an outfit avalanche of its own?
HOUNDSTOOTH BLAZER: Laura Petites // TOP: Vera Moda // PANTS: Bluenotes // BOOTS: Avalanche for Target (Now On Sale)

Photo Credits: William C.


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