Perfect midi skirt and sweater crop top
When you see or notice something that sucks the air out of you every single time you lay your eyes on it and it just never gets old. There is just a wave of calmness that comes over you as you take it in and savor the moment,  living you speechless but thankful. Thinking, "Wow, how more awesome can this ever get." Yep, that is the feeling i get each time i drive past this beautiful lake that has literally turned into ice. The view just blows my mind and the snow that settles on top is the icing on the cake. I knew i had to shoot at least one outfit here someday but it had to be the perfect one. I had no idea yet what outfit it would be but soon i figured it out.

Without the slightest doubt, this taffeta midi contrasting skirt and sweater crop top seemed to be just the right one. I love the middy trend and how graceful it looks on a lady. The mix of colors is just so me. I get crazy with it sometimes but i can not apologize for being me, right? This outfit says so much to me about how much i appreciate the beauty of great femininity in fashion. So what other best way to celebrate this look that i am completely in awe with, other than taking it to my favorite spot yet. Yes, it was very windy and all but i love doing what i do because the challenges get me all pumped and i love keeping you all entertained. Making excuses is sometimes the only thing between you and your success or achieving your goals in life. That said, i wasn't able to get as many shots with me looking up longer than a second and i needed to show the beauty of this outfit without me being blown away. Hahaha. So i had to finish it up in another location. Hope i was able to show you just how much the beauty of this outfit and the choice of its initial location means to me.
TOP: Rachel Max // MIDI-SKIRT: Susan Bristol // HEELS: Charles David // PURSE: Victoria Secret

Photos by William C.

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