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For those of us "lucky" people living in the oh-so-cold-i-can-not-feel-my-toes kinda areas of the world, may i please ask, "How many pieces of clothing do you have to lose yourself in to stay warm these days?" If you live in the tropics and you are wondering what it must feel like dressing up for a weather with a temperature of -20.55°C  (-5°F ) like i do? Well, for me, it's like wrapping myself in tons and tons of old newspapers, then jumping into a carton box padded with bubble wraps, labelled, "Fragile!! Please handle with care". Only for you to drop the box in 10 feet of snow. Now you get it?

Imagine my joy when William we insisted on going to Calgary zoo in that kind of weather? Oooh boy! I was hoping it was an indoor zoo..... Riiight. Thankfully i brought along this very, very warm and super comfortable jacket, it would take you years to find my curves underneath this toaster. That said, it is a medium which is one size bigger than my normal size but that is how i like most of my jackets, for extra room when i layer. Although, in this case i was wearing just a tank top and a simple cotton long sleeved shirt under the jacket, it miraculously kept me so warm i had to unzip it every time we were in a building. There are fasteners on both sides of the jacket that helps you cinch your waist but using even a wide belt will be helpful. Either way, i was just happy i was super warm as we walked very quickly through the zoo. And i mean quickly.
I know some of you lovely readers would be happy to finally see me in a straight jacket after featuring many outfit shots without one :)... in the cold. Thanks for the concern everyone. Health is wealth and i promise i am only without one for a quick minute.

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Thank you all for reading. Now your comments.



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