Chuck-Chucks bracelet
I worked in customers service for years and i can assure you it is one of the hardest jobs out there. A job that requires you to be in your best mood ever everyday no matter what. That can be challenging. The thing is, i liked it a lot because i enjoyed meeting people and i learned to leave my personal issues outside the door. As soon as i got off work, i picked them up again and went about my day like nothing happened. Only that each time i did that they always felt a lot lighter.

Imagine my excitement when Chuck Chucks (meaning cool and awesome expressions), a very new company with beautiful ideas and great potentials introduced me to their bracelets, i immediately loved the cute jewelry concept. They make leather bracelets which come in 12 different colors and 100's of the cutest interchangeable attachments. Through these attachments you pretty much get to express yourself. Aaah, do you see where i am going with this now?

Meanwhile, i decided to go with the white leather bracelet and six different attachments. They came in the mail within days of being notified that it has been shipped, nicely wrapped in a lovely case.

Now, the reason why i picked white was because it goes with pretty much everything i wear. Whether i decide to dress casual or dress it up, it works. As for the attachments, my choices were based on the fact that they show who i am or my personality: Fun, playful, silly, blah, blah, blah. Also what i like to surround myself with: Love, Laughter and Happiness. Or maybe leave it to the one with my birthday sign, Virgo to say it all.
Every time i look at them they really do make me smile. Needless to say, they are also very fashionable.
                                       Chuck-Chucks Cool And Awesome Interchangeable Bracelet

Although, i do not work in customer service anymore but it is a really cute reminder of how i want my day to hopefully be no matter what. Plus now i get to express myself to the whole world and even blog about it!!

Find out more about them on Facebook. Remember they are still new and growing.

Enter busola1 as coupon code during your purchase.

Thank you all so much for reading. Your comments will be greatly appreciated.


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