Perfect vintage denim overalls
So maybe my mom was cool enough to let me play dress up with her clothes when i was a kid but not without warning. The only problem is, i am not even sure why i did it then. Sure it was fun but was it because she had way more and cooler clothes than i did or is it just always easier to covet another person's closet?  Sometimes i am all over a shirt or dress i see on a model in a fashion magazine or on a total stranger. Meanwhile, i have that same exact outfit in my closet. Does that happen to you too? This person obviously just styled it so differently, it looks like a million dollar. So i asked myself, "Is it even possible to start coveting or drooling over my very own old clothes, like they were some new outfits i just spotted on a mannequin in a boutique show glass..... and then play dress up with them too?" When all i do is make a wishlist everyday.

Note to self- I can do anything. Absolutely anything with my stuff!

There are so many awesome ways to wear an outfit but the real beauty comes from styling it in such a way that it feels so much like brand new and new you. And that was what i did with this look. Without any boundaries or rules, i stretched and tested my creative juice on this one. Instead of just the usual trend of denim on denim, i wanted to mix two completely different shades of denim of two unusual pieces together. No other than an overall that i featured once and a three-quarter sleeved boat neck denim top i also wore here. I tried it, loved it and now i get to blog about it. Sure i get a crossed eye when i look under my nose but sometimes what we may be looking for is right there. Now who says playing dress up isn't fun? It also saves a bunch of money...

                                            OVERALL: Armour Jeans // TOP: Siblings Jeans

Thank you all for reading. Now your comments.



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